Case Study



Technology Startup


Xpodd needed their website to speak to landlords and tenants—their desired client base. We utilized white space, bold messaging, and subtle animations to show that Xpodd is a technical company ambitious to create a change.


We focused on the result that this service brings to the user and built the story around the positive aspects that this brand conveys. We wanted the seekers/landlord to feel secure and see the value of listing their property with xpodd. We also wanted tenants to see the cost-saving alternative xpodd is. With this approach, we designed visual elements with distinct colours that are intertwined with business goals and messaging directing the user to do only two things; Book property or list properties.

Chapter - 1


We drafted a proposal highlighting the project deliverables, website structure, website features, timeline and project costs both ongoing(hosting & domain) and fixed and the Terms/Conditions.

Chapter - 2


With xPodd being a pure startup in a hyper specific niche, we had our work cut out for us to understand this user, their habits and their needs. As part of our research, we created user personas to understand the user psychology. This helped us build the information architecture and site architecture. This is a highly educated consumer that wants more digestible content, less visuals, and in a frank manner. We prepared a user journey with wireframes, focusing on xpodd’s goal of educating the user on their effective and modern approach.

Making the first Design

Revising the design

We revised the first design based on xPodd’s recommendations until we arrived at the preferred look and feel of the website. This was through constant feedback between us and xPodd.

Selecting the Font

We chose a font that is consistent with the website theme and is both formal, friendly, and inspires trust with the users.

Logo Sketches

We designed logo sketches that carry a strong brand vision and are consistent with the brand theme.

Final Design

The website features a fluid grid, with a fully adaptable layout on all devices.

Chapter - 3


We decided to build the website using the content management system (WordPress). This CMS is known for it’s ease of use, security, and scalability. This allowed Xpodd to easily update page content and images, integrate with analytics software to track page and site performance and post new content to their blog.

Chapter - 4


The website had unique features including property custom post type, neighborhoods post types, easy access and addition of the neighborhoods and properties in the back end dashboard, filtering & search ability, live social media feeds and direct links to their app.

Chapter - 5


Migration & Perfomance

We migrated the site from our development environment to the domain updating the server frameworks and monitoring to ensure that the current hosting package had enough resources to run the website without hickups.

Chapter - 6


We trained the Xpodd’ s handover personnel on how to access the backend, update website content, upload articles and on website security.

Chapter - 7


Driving quality traffic to Xpodd’s website was approached in three different angles. SEO, Social media, & paid advertising.


We determined the right keywords to target combining both short and long keywords filtering by using keyword difficulty and search volume for ranking.

Google Adwords

We set up a google ads account for Xpodd. This allows access to google keyword planner, conversion tracking, ad creatives and analytics from organic and paid campaigns setup in the course of time.

Facebook/Instagram Marketing

We connected the xpodd’s Facebook page to the website installing Facebook pixel manager to monitor the performance of any boosted posts and ad campaigns.

Chapter - 8


We briefed Xpodd on Analytics Manager where all visitors to the website are analyzed including their behavior determining what needs to be improved in terms of page content or posts.

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