Paid Advertising

Driving quality traffic to your site is essential.

Utilizing Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) can help your business generate additional leads, and compete for visibility to your customers on the websites they use most. We’ve worked with entrepreneurs around the country to create successful advertising campaigns with a strong ROI, in a variety of sectors. We’re pretty great at what we do – take a gander.


What we do;

Getting your website in front of your customers organically can take time and competition for top positions continues to grow. In addition, ever-changing ranking algorithms can, at-times, have a large impact on your website’s visibility. Digital Advertising or PPC is a great way to get your business in front of your most profitable customers at the moments when they need you most.

We work with our client’s to select advertising channels that make sense for each specific market and practice area. For some businesses the demographics of their customer’s have a strong enough trend to justify a profile-driven advertising channel like Facebook ads. For other firms the best return on investment comes from implementing a direct-intent strategy like Google Ads (formerly ‘Adwords’) to capture people at the very moment they are looking for your services.

Here’s a look at some of the advertising channels and strategies we have employed for other businesses


Create & optimize for conversions

Your practice area and geographic location are unique. While digital advertising does have some “absolutes” in terms of best practices, we also recognize that every client needs a customized strategy to fit their business.

With this particular client we overhauled their existing account with our own proven set of best practices. We then communicated very closely with the client, and let the data accumulate. Once we had a firm understanding of this market, further optimizations were made and the outcome in lead volume (aka “conversions”) and cost/lead has been fantastic.

paid advertising

Scale quality leads

Leads and clients are the lifeblood of your business. We get it. However, we also know that quality leads which become sales are far superior to hundreds of unqualified leads.

We work closely with our client’s to identify what qualifies as a ‘lead’, then carefully execute a strategy to identify the best quality leads before scaling the advertising account. Typically our primary tracking focuses on phone calls, contact form fills, and chat submissions.


Optimize strategy for lower CPC

Along with our focus on lead quality we also work diligently to reduce the cost per lead, and resulting ROI for each client. Our approach to accomplish this is multi-faceted and we’ll communicate with you to set goals and expectations for your specific market.


Pricing Models

For focused campaigns bounded by a specific time period.

Flat fee

For large budget ad budgets. segment_analysis

15% of monthly Adspend

Ongoing fee based on number of monthly ads progress_data

Monthly Retainer


Every practice area and geographic market is different in terms of competition and cost per click. It can also vary greatly depending on the advertising channels you wish to employ for your business. However, we are always happy to put some data together and do some market research for your particular specialty and location.

The great thing about advertising is that it’s very agile. Once we have a strategy outlined for your business, and the account launched we will typically start to see leads come in relatively quickly. However, like any good advertising, our optimizations will be based on data – which can take time to accumulate, so the account will continue to improve in lead volume and cost per lead over time.

All of the advertising channels that we utilize have very strict budget controls to ensure that you will not overspend in a given month.

You will hear from our advertising team at least monthly to get a performance report where you’ll be able to see the results of our efforts. Some of our client’s also like to have additional phone calls scheduled for a detailed walk through of performance and to strategize. Just let us know what level of communication you would like and we can work with you.