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Web Design & Development

A professionally done website is like a firm digital handshake.

First impressions can have a lasting impact. Having a clean, well-designed website that operates smoothly and offers a positive user experience is a great way to make your first impression be one worth remembering. At Connekt Marketing, we create websites that tells your business’ story and that quickly communicate who you are. 

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Incredibly Modern & Responsive Designs

Stand out against your competition by having one of our sleek, well-designed websites. Over the years, we’ve made hundreds of websites for everything from huge full-service hospitals to small business websites. We can do it all because we’ve already done it all. Connekt isn’t just a company that can make a website for businesses, we are THE company that makes website for businesses.

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Made to Convert

We’ve literally produced the study on the optimal website landing page per sector. We’ve done the research and know how to make a website that brings in more calls, website form fills, live chats and ultimately more clients for you. Our designs and approach are centred around making that step as easy as possible for your site’s visitors.


Optimized for Search

Connekt isn’t a web design company that happens to dabble in SEO. We’ve been killing it at local search marketing for other small and large businesses for nearly a decade. When we create a website for you, you can rest assured we follow best practices in coding and development so that your website can perform optimally in Google and the other major search engines.

website development
website development

Extremely fast load times

Waiting eternities for a website to load is a terrible experience. Connekt creates websites with all of the great aesthetics and sex appeal you could possibly want without entirely compromising load time. There will always be a little bit of a trade-off for next-level web experiences but Connekt has found a great balance and makes incredibly quick websites with up-to date techniques.



Yes, we most certainly do. Because mobile users are becoming more and more prevalent, it’s vital to make their user experience a positive one. Best practice in development is to often design for a mobile experience first.

Connekt uses our own dedicated web server with Siteground. We recommend Siteground for business websites because they do a great job mitigating many of the security risks that are inherent with WordPress. It’s safe, secure and has been a proven winner for our clients for years.

That depends, do you already look like Will Smith?

Great photography really enhances the overall look and feel of any website. If you only have access to low-quality images that you had one of your workers take on their smartphone in 2009, it makes the process a little more challenging. If you need help finding a photographer that can deliver great photo assets to really compliment and help with your web design, let us know and we can help you find a great option in your area. If there aren’t any great options, we could always fly out there and do it ourselves.

Most likely. We make great websites for businesses and entrepreneurs. We’re not just your run of the mill web design company. We know the ins and outs of website optimization to perform in search engines but also the best practices to create positive user experiences. Simply put, we make websites that convert and bring in more traffic and leads and we’ve been doing it for years.


It really depends. Let’s have a conversation and we can try to pin down exactly what you’re trying to accomplish and how much work it’s going to take to make that happen.